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Funny People is an inevitable step forward for Judd Apatow as a writer-director. Having played around in the raunch comedy sandbox for several years now, bringing us genuine gems 40-Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up and producing smaller wonders like Superbad, Apatow decided to put on his grown-up pants for his third feature, tackling a story about growing old, cancer, parenthood, failure, and selling out. To do it he's enlisted old friend Adam Sandler, a comedian who's already proven capable of digging deep and providing the dramatic goods.It's not that Apatow made the dramatic leap too soon, since much of Funny People's pathos and heartfelt drama works well. But the indulgence he has always shown his actors, letting scenes run overlong and keeping in extra shots of his cute kids, cripples the movie, which meanders around three or four plots and comes to as many conclusions about Life with a Capital L before ending seemingly at random, aware it has exhausted its audience's indulgence for the guy we used to rely on to make us laugh.

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